Sorority Recruitment: 5 Tips and Tricks to Have a Perfect Rush

Some of you may be considering rushing a sorority in college or are currently about to start recruitment! It can be a nerve-racking experience, believe me, I know. There are many emotions I experienced prior to my sorority recruitment last fall; excitement, anxiety, uncertainty. Since I’ve already been through what some may call “the worst week of your life”, I’m here to give you some tips on what can make it instead, the best week of your life!

1. Plan Your Outfits (this is a long one, but important!) 

This is a huge tip. Most sorority recruitment weeks have a common schedule. Pan Day, Philanthropy, House Tour, Pref Day, and Bid Day. After each day, you will narrow down your choices to fewer and fewer houses. This can sound intimidating, but you really can’t know what to expect until you experience each house. You’ll get a pretty good idea of what houses you like/don’t like within the first couple of days. Each day has a different theme or dress code. Most of the time, pan day is casual. Some schools will provide you with a t-shirt that all PNM’s (potential new members) have to wear. At my university, we had 2 pan days since there were 14 sororities. I wore the provided t-shirt with a denim skirt and sandals one day, and with jeans and converse the next. Try to show your style as much as possible with the outfits and accessories you wear. This can really show each sorority who you are and what your style is like. Each day gets fancier. So for philanthropy day, I wore a denim skirt and a silky top. Others wore jumpsuits/rompers, or trousers. House Tour day I wore a romper and wedges. Some schools recommend not to wear wedges on house tour day because you may be going up and down stairs so you don’t want to risk falling. I just wore really comfortable and easy to walk in wedges that I knew would be ok. TIP: make sure to carry a small bad or tote to keep slip on shoes in (i.e. Birkenstocks or slides). You will be running from house to house to get there before they open the doors and you will not want to be running around in heels. Preference Day is the fanciest day (so save your best outfit for this day). I wore a bright pink cold shoulder dress with heels. You want to stand out but also show your style so picking outfits that are somewhat extra is okay for this day. Finally, Bid Day. Congrats! You made it!! This is by far the most exciting and emotional day. Your sorority will give you a goodie bag with a cute bid day shirt that you will put on. For this day I just wore converse (wear comfortable shoes you WILL be SPRINTING!!) and denim shorts!

2. Be Yourself

Cliche as it might sound, you literally cannot be fake during recruitment. It will ruin your whole experience. I know some people may really want to be in a certain chapter, but if you try to act like someone you’re not in order to fit in there you will probably end up not liking it. Don’t be afraid to let loose and show who you are. The girls are trying to get to know you! This doesn’t mean talk all about your boyfriend or your crazy stories from high school, but you should show interest in the chapter you’re at and share cool facts about yourself!!

3. Ask Questions

Prepare questions ahead of time that you want to ask on Pan Day. Basically how it works is you and your “Rho Gam Group” or “Recruitment Group” will line up outside of a chapter and then one by one you will either get your name called or a girl will come ‘pick you up’ and that is that person you will be talking to for most of the time during the party (another term for the time you spend at each house). You will probably end up talking to anywhere between 2-4 girls at each chapter. Depending on how well the conversations are going. So make sure to ask all of the questions you want about what it is like living in the house or any certain requirements you want to learn about! Make sure to always keep it professional as some girls may not have the same sense of humor as you so you want to be careful.

4. Keep a Journal

Some schools may provide you with a little notebook, but if not carry a small journal or notebook with you in the same bag as your extra shoes! This is super important because you do not want to forget how each chapter makes you feel. Remember to quickly jot some things down about each house after you leave!! If you don’t write how you felt right away you may forget or get that chapter confused with another. This really helped me during my recruitment with which houses I wanted to drop or keep. Even just putting a symbol next to the chapter’s name like a star or a sad face can help spark your memory of that party! After each day you can go back and write more under each chapter’s name so that at the end you can go back and figure out which house really suits you and your values.

5. Trust the Process

This can be super hard to do, believe me. Please, DO NOT go into recruitment with a certain house in mind. If you really love a chapter and are set on being in that house you will unknowingly close your mind off to other chapters and immediately shut out any thoughts about them because you are so focused on the one house. It can be hard at times, especially if you are a legacy or know someone in that house. But you have to always remind yourself to keep an open mind! In the end, you will end up with the house you are meant for if you go through the process right.

Hopefully this helped calm your mind about recruitment! It is not as big of a deal as a lot of girls make it seem, you just have to remember these tips and I promise everything will work out in the end. Do not stress or worry too much about it, just have fun!

Good Luck (& rush DG ;)),

Sophie Finnigan


Below are some pictures from my recruitment!


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