OOTD : January 22, 2018

Hey Guys!! I just wanted to post a little OOTD for y’all because I felt cute today haha

My sweater is super soft and so cozy and it was only $30 at H&M you can purchase it here. I promise you will love it as much as I do

My jeans are my new go to. They’re from Topshop and are so flattering! It is really hard to find jeans that fit me well AND flatter me since I have long legs and a skinny waist but wider hips. If you’re looking for new jeans and want to splurge a little you can find these here!

My shoes are just classic black leather slip-on vans and I swear I wear them almost everyday. They are so easy to just slip on and go as well as being comfortable and cute!

I wasn’t wearing jewelry today, but if I were to add some pieces I would probably add a gold necklace and some rings. Since the sleeves are already a statement of the sweater I probably wouldn’t add bracelets. But! Express your style and choose whatever jewelry you would wear with this outfit!

Hope this gave you some outfit inspiration!


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