2018 Beauty Trends

Gold Highlighter

This year, beauty experts are saying to switch out your natural looking champagne colored highlighter for a more bold gold color to give you that extra bronze glow.

Colored Water Line

A trend lately is colored eyeshadow or eyeliner on the lower lash line or on the waterline. If you’re feeling extra bold, why not try it?


2017 was all about the highlight. So much so that some people decided to highlight their whole face. Although this may not be an everyday look, you can substitute for a stronger inner corner highlight to make your eyes pop as well as a brow and nose highlight.

Clumpy Mascara??

Okay, so remember in middle school when you would put on mascara for the first time and you weren’t really sure how much to put on so your eyelashes looked somewhat like spider legs? Yeah, I guess that “trend” is back. I’m not sure if this one is for me because personally, I like to have full, lengthy lashes. But for those of you wanting really full lashes go ahead and layer that mascara on!


Glitter is a huge trend in 2018. 2016-2017 was all about the matte shades. Don’t get me wrong I love a good matte lipstick/eyeshadow, but lately it has been all about that lipgloss and shimmery eyeshadow. Some people have even tried ‘glitter fake freckles’ by applying chunky glitter to their nose and cheekbones to give off the effect of freckles. I would say the fake freckle trend is more for music festivals or just playing around to take a trendy selfie, but it sure does look cool!

Dark Lips

Another trend is black lipstick. This trend might be a little harder to try because you don’t want to come off looking gothic or scary. I would start with a lighter darker shade like dark maroon or red and then slowly start wearing dark blues and black.


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