How to Spend a Rainy Day

In my opinion, a rainy day is best spent with good company, cozy outfits, and coffee, of course.

Here are some of my favorite things to do on a rainy, grey day:

  1. Curl up in bed with some Netflix or a good book
  2. Have a movie marathon
  3. Start a blog
  4. Get coffee with a friend or two
  5. Study something you want to learn about
  6. Draw
  7. Try something new
  8. Put on some rain boots & a rain coat and take a walk (this can be refreshing!!)
  9. Cuddle with your dog
  10. Go to the gym
  11. Bake something
  12. Paint
  13. Clean
  14. Organize something like a drawer or your closet
  15. Journal
  16. Cook something new for dinner
  17. Take a bath (with a bath bomb of course)
  18. Paint your nails, or if you’re like me and can’t do them yourself, go get them done
  19. Treat yourself to a spa day
  20. Light a candle
  21. Go to a cupcake shop
  22. Take pictures
  23. Learn a new song on the piano
  24. Go through your closet & give away or sell old clothes
  25. Play board games
  26. Get out a deck of cards
  27. Finish a project you started, or start a project
  28. Make a bullet journal
  29. Create a list of things you need to get done for that week
  30. Redecorate a room

Hopefully next time you encounter a rainy day, this list can help you make it not so grey.

xoxo, Sophie


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