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Phoenix, Arizona


This weekend I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to visit some friends and to get another look at the school I will most likely be transferring to in the Fall. The warmth of sunshine was the best feeling after being stuck with the weather we’ve been having here in Washington. I could not be more excited to start school in Phoenix this August. Although it will most likely be veryyyyy hot which is not something I’m used to, I can’t wait. This girl needs some Vitamin D.  I was in Arizona for a total of around 30 hours, but it was so nice to get away for a day or two (especially when it’s 84 degrees and sunny ;)). If you are younger and thinking about where you’re wanting to go to college and have interest in a smaller, sunny, clean, modern campus with lots of friendly people and overflowing joy for Jesus, I would definitely consider GCU. Plus they have great food options which is always a good thing. I originally thought I wanted a bigger school/campus with a football team and greek life, but I soon realized that I would fit in better at a smaller school with smaller class sizes. Grand Canyon was always one of my top options from the start, so after I decided to leave WSU I knew that’s where I wanted to go. Anyway, enough of me babbling on about college. On Saturday, it was my friend’s birthday and she was nice enough to invite me to brunch with some of her friends from school! We went to this super trendy, adorable brunch place called The Henry. It was so delicious (I highly recommend if you’re ever in Phx). It was so refreshing to experience a college campus where if you need to get away, you can leave and go explore the city you’re in.

Enjoy some pictures from the weekend!!





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