Hi!! I have been so MIA lately, but I’m back!

This week my family and I are in Mesa, Arizona visiting my aunt and getting some much needed sun. I decided I wanted to do a daily post on what we/or I do each day! Some days may be combined if there’s not much going on, but it’s just a fun way for me to share pictures and experiences with whoever wants to see them!

Day 1 & 2: Sunday, April 15, 2018 – Monday, April 16, 2018

Sunday: Today we just laid by the pool and soaked up as much sun as possible. Which had us all looking like lobsters at the end of the day, but it was worth it!! We, of course, had to stop by In-N-Out because do you really go somewhere that has In-N-Out and not go?!? Other than that, it was a super low-key day.

Monday: This morning my dad and brother picked up doughnuts at a local donut shop for breakfast (which were super yummy as always). The weather was mostly cloudy so we didn’t really lay by the pool that much. It was a relaxing morning/afternoon. I actually ended up taking like a 3 hour nap because the sun just really gets me since I’m not used to it lol! Then at night we went to this really cool place called TopGolf in Gilbert, AZ and had dinner and hit some golf balls. Again, pretty low-key, boring day for a blog post but we’re on vacation so what else are you supposed to do other than relax right??

Day 3 & 4: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 – Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tuesday: Today we traveled the 30 minutes to Phoenix to look at my future college, Grand Canyon University. It was fun to see friends and walk around the campus yet again! The tour was mainly for my parents lol. After we visited the school, we went to a Diamondbacks game. It was a pretty slow game, but they ended up winning 1-0! Overall a pretty fun packed day!

Wednesday: Today was a pretty chill day. We just laid out by the pool soaking up the last nicer day we have left here and that’s pretty much it!

Day 4: Thursday, April 19, 2018

Today my dad and brother went golfing so after my morning massage, my mom and I decided to make a girls day/morning and go shopping! We headed to the Tempe Marketplace and did some damage along with eating a yummy lunch.



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