Summer Trends 2018

Woohoo!!! It’s finally starting to get nice out! At least for us Washingtonians (hopefully the sun will stay). With late spring/summer approaching, it is finally time for a summer fashion post! After my recent trip to Arizona, I was busting out all of my new summer clothes and it got me really excited for warmer weather. Below I’ll share with you the upcoming trends for summer 2018.

1. Silk Scarves

This is a really chic look that has been trending. Personally, I love this trend because by using a scarf as an accessory it can really pull a plain, simple look together! I got the scarf above from White House Black Market, but I will link some more scarves here. This trend is super versatile because you can really wear the scarf any way you like! In your hair (my favorite), you can tie it around your bag strap, you can wear it around your neck, etc. Another reason why this trend it so great is because if you have a simple outfit that you feel needs a little something more, just grab a printed or colorful scarf and tie it into your look somehow!

2. Front Tie Tops

This trend has been happening for a while now, but I love it for the warmer months because its a great way to look put together but still be comfortable and cool! Pair it with a bralette underneath and you will look super feminine and chic. Find cute wrap tops here!

3. Platform Sandals

Ok, this trend is so cute! At first, I hated the idea of platform anything but after trying some sandals on I fell in love! I think the key to this look is just making sure the platform height works for your style and body! Personally, I don’t like super high platforms, just a little bit of height to still be considered platform is super cute. For a smaller, less noticeable platform, I found these sandals at Target and they are so comfortable! For a taller platform try these shoes I linked here!

4. Adidas

An ongoing trend is Adidas. At first, I was not into them at all. I was good with my converse and vans, but now I can’t imagine wearing converse ever again! I just got my first pair and I love them! The only thing is that they do run big, so make sure you size down! It took me about 3 tries to actually find a pair that fit me well. The ones I have are linked here!

5. Athleisure

Alrigghhhtt so this “trend” is basically my outfits everyday because ya girl likes to be comfortable. But recently, altheisure has become more of a trend (which is good for me because now I can act like I’m trying to be trendy ;)) Basically its wearing cute workout clothes all day. Pairing leggings with a cute cropped sweatshirt or t shirt and then wearing your favorite sneakers or slides. I’m all for it! I’ll link some examples here.

Lastly, Spring/Summer 2018 COLORS!

Obviously, Yellow is a huge color right now. It seems as if everyone is obsessed with yellow. Another color that is also making it’s way up is lavender. I love pastel colors so this yellow/lavendar/lilac trend is great. So make sure to pick up some pieces with some color to prepare for the warmer weather!!




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