Fresh Start


I haven’t been very active on my blog the past couple of months and I’ve missed it! No excuses, but I’ve been so busy with starting a new year at a new university so it has been hard to get a good post out there.

I wanted to take a minute to reflect on my life and just explain why I’ve been so absent on here. Once July hit and I was done with the school year, I went straight into working 4-5 days a week. On my days off I spent time with friends and tried to enjoy the sun as much as possible. I left for school in Arizona on August 20th, so leading up to that I was working, packing, and spending as much time with my bffs as possible since we are all separated now.

So far, I love my new college! I am making friends, enjoying school, and learning about my major (Graphic Design and Advertising). Even though transitioning from WSU to GCU was difficult, seeing that I left friends and good memories behind, I am glad that I moved on and could see what was best for my personal self. I saw this quote online earlier and it said, “The hardest thing I ever had to do was walk away from a life I loved for a life I knew I’d love even more. Your people will always be your people. Your home will always be your home. Don’t let it stop you from reaching who you could be.” I really could relate to this so I wanted to share it!! Even though I didn’t necessarily love my old college, I still enjoyed who I was surrounded by and certain aspects of it. But I knew that I would thrive more somewhere else so I had to make a decision (and am glad I did).

Anyway, I just wanted to make a quick post to update the blog and I am going to try to post a lot more on here! I just had to get into the swing of the school year and get settled in. Thanks for understanding even though I’m not sure how many people actually read this lol so if you do, you’re a true homie!!







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